How we work

Unique Pieces Handcrafted with Love & Care, real works of craftmanship and design.

Carefully selected top quality leather and materials. The perfect touch, the finest fabrics, the softest suede. The perfect color, the exact shades chosen skin to skin. The perfect body; combining leathers with the appropriate weight and thickness that give us the appropriate fall to each piece. We buy the leather in Spain or Italy, because only there we find the quality we are looking for.

Pieces made by hand with dedication, respect and a lot of passion. Cutting, sewing, braiding, polishing or painting are just some of the steps necessary to, with delicacy and many hours of work, turn Pepita Moon’s original designs into special – unique – pieces.

Luxury Gift Packaging by Pepita Moon
Painting an Edge in White

All have been designed with comfort in mind: the most pleasant leathers to the touch where they will make contact with the skin, the weight always contained and no synthetic fabrics. We give the same – if not more – importance to the lining than to the seen side of the pieces, enough of leather garments with polyester linings; we want to feel the softness of a nappa, the touch of suede, its smell.

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