About Pepita Moon

Cristina de Pepitamoon

Pepita Moon is a Spanish Leather Jewellery brand established in Tarifa, Andalusia, created by the designer Cristina Borrás. After years of practice and having learned from the best Artisan Masters of the different leather arts in the nearby Ubrique, cradle of this art in Spain, she decided to focus all of her energy on creating this brand where she’s able to focus her passion for fashion and design.

All of her creations are handmade and she puts a little of herself in each one of them. She has no interest in hiring a marketing or sales team and doesn’t want to manufacture in large quantities. She wants her creations to “have a soul” and flees from the “lets all be equal” and the prevailing consumist loop.

Her creations are made to age with their owners. She makes very few units and is happy doing what she does. She loves to guide her clients through the customization process to reward them even more truly unique pieces She likes to think that she helps a few people to complement the armour that is essentially fashion and to face every new day with Energy and Style.

Pepita Moon Bandana de Cuero Detalle

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